Blackjack Switch is a Version of Blackjack

Ever played two blackjack hands and wished you could swap the cards between them? Blackjack Switch is the game for you. Learn how to play below. Blackjack Switch is a version of blackjack in which players place identical agen judi idnlive bets on two hands and then get the opportunity to switch the second cards dealt to each hand with one another if they wish.

Aside from the ‘switch’ there’s another important thing to be aware of with Blackjack Switch, namely that a dealer hand of 22 doesn’t count as ‘bust’. Instead it’s counted as a ‘push’ (draw), unless a player has a ‘blackjack’ that wasn’t created via a switch or split.

Created and refined by daftar casino idnlive renowned casino games inventor Geoff Hall, Blackjack Switch is now available at numerous online casinos, thanks to software provider Playtech.

How to play Blackjack Switch

  • Player makes two identical wagers, plus any side bets
  • Dealer deals players and themselves two cards, with both player cards visible
  • Side bets (more of which below) are settled
  • Player decides whether to switch the second cards dealt to their hands
  • Player decides whether to hit, stand, double or split on both hands
  • Dealer plays their hand and bets are settled

As mentioned above, once the player has decided whether or not to switch Blackjack Switch plays out in much the same way as most generic blackjack games.

The sole difference to most other situs judi idnlive blackjack games is that Blackjack Switch is resolved as a ‘push’ rather than a ‘bust’ against live player hands if the dealer’s hand equals 22.

Other blackjack rules that commonly differ between online casinos, such as whether the dealer stands or hits on soft 17, are worth double checking where you choose to play.

Blackjack Switch Super Match side bet

Most online operators offer a side bet in Blackjack Switch called Super Match. Super Match has a similar feel to other widely loved blackjack side bets/games such as 21+3 Blackjack or Blackjack Perfect Pairs because it revolves around pairs or three of a kind.

The main difference is that, unlike in 21+3 the pairs or three of a kind aren’t drawn from a combination of the players cards and the dealer’s up-card. Instead they must come from within four cards that make up the player’s initial two hands.

Winning Super Match hand                Super Match payout odds
Pair                                                            Evens
Three of a kind                                         5/1
Two Pairs                                                   8/1
Four of a kind                                           40/1

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