History of Poker (A Lost Note)

For those of you who like to play Online Poker Gambling, there is no one to know the history of poker game itself. Although not that poker online 77 important, at least in Online Gambling Info about the origins of the game of poker this will increase your horizons.

History of the Game of Poker

Although it has undergone many changes, it turns out that poker was first born in the Continent of Europe (to be precise in the early 18th century). No wonder, online poker gambling games have different names for each country. Some match Poker Game Names with Countries that:

  • In Germany, it is known as Pochen Poker.
  • British in the country, known as Brag Poker.
  • In the country of France, it is known as poker poque.

According to one of the media at that time, Poque entered America in 1829. Precisely in the city of New Orleans, the game poque brought from the European continent changed its name to Poker.

At the time, Texas Hold’em Poker used daftar poker qq only one deck of playing cards. Where 1 deck of cards consists of 20 cards, so that at that time the game of poker can only be played by a maximum of 4 people. If you compare, of course, it is very different from the poker games we are used to playing today.

As time goes by, the end of the game of poker using a deck of playing cards containing 52 cards. At that time, there were various cards in the game of poker. Such as: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Straight Flush, ff Straight. Not only that, with the application of card management the Universal poker game was inaugurated and is known today.

Popularits poker game developed very sharply in the 20th century, starting from the United States. This happened because at that time many Americans had free time, so they chose to play poker using real money. Even soldiers who participated in the years of World War II from 1930 – 1945 and played it. In Indonesia, the game of poker has become very popular after the emergence of the game Texas Hold’em Poker on Facebook.

Popularity Explosion In The Texas Poker Game

The explosion in popularity situs poker uang asli of the game poker cannot be separated from the inclusion of this card game for several Las Vegas casinos. As a newcomer, Texas Hold’em Poker managed to shift the popularity of the Seven Card Stud game. because of the high interest of bettors for the game of Texas Hold’em Poker, they finally held a tournament with Binios Horseshoe Casino under the name World Series of Poker / WSOP in 1970.

Unexpectedly, the tournament was originally attended by 5 people. It has been transformed into an international event or the Biggest World Poker Tournament which is always held regularly every year. Not until there, to this day there are many international poker tournaments that award large numbers of people. Here are some of the scales of the current International Tournaments.

  • EPT / European Poker Tournament
  • WPT / World Poker Tournament

Who doesn’t know this game? Especially when compared to the popularity of poker the game has increased many times over. In Indonesia, there are many Online Poker Sites that provide playing facilities for those who want to try the Texas Poker game.

You don’t have to waste time and effort going to a casino, if you want to play the game of poker. With today’s technological developments, we can play poker on our smartphones while having fun relaxing. With the advanced game application, we can connect and play directly with people from all over Indonesia.

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