How To Distinguish Genuine And Fake QQ Online Sites In Indonesia

As we know that currently not only official sites that we can find easily through the internet media, but we will also find fake sites where the site has a similar appearance to the official site, and of course this will make it difficult for us to distinguish between genuine online QQ sites and also fake ones so that not a few of us are often stuck entering the wrong site.

But you don’t need to worry, because on this occasion we will share some important information regarding how to easily distinguish between genuine and fake online QQ sites, which is a very powerful way so that you can find the right site.

How To Distinguish Genuine And Fake QQ Online Sites In Indonesia

So below are several ways you can do so that you can easily distinguish between genuine online QQ sites and fake ones so that you don’t get stuck on the wrong site, including the following:

  1. See from the number of members

It is important for you to know that generally the original online agen poker terbaik gambling site has a very large number of members where all members who join in it are active members or in other words members who often make bets. Unlike the case with fake sites where fake sites have very few members, even less than 50. of the members who join the site, these members are usually passive or membrane members who rarely make bets.

  • Server usage

Now an official agent will usually use the best server on the site, the goal is so that the members who join it can play or do batting safely and comfortably without worrying about experiencing adverse obstacles. Unlike the case with fake sites where generally they use servers with quite bad quality, which of course these servers cannot guarantee the safety and comfort of the members.

  • Facilities offered

If we talk about the facilities offered situs judi slot terpercaya by an online QQ site, where the official site will provide very complete facilities on the site which of course these facilities can help members to win games easily. What about a fake website? Whereas for fake sites the facilities offered or provided are very limited, even the facilities provided cannot be used as much as possible by the players to win.

  • Services provided

What about the services provided by the QQ online gambling site both official and fake? Basically, an official site wants to provide the best for its members so that they will also provide the best service that is very satisfying and also very responsive where the service can be felt by members within 24 hours non-stop without any offline time. while their fake site is unable to provide services that can satisfy its members.

  • The license it has

Enter the last point on the official site issued which has been entrusted by many players around the world can have a license or certificate that is given directly by the international gambling company, now this license can be a free verification-verified if the site is provided by an official site. And if you find a site that doesn’t have a license or certificate yet, then there is a site that is a fake site or a new site whose operating age has not been too long.

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