How to Do the Player Always the Slot Machine

How to Do the Player Always the Slot Machine

This is the most effective way for players to outsmart slot machines in order to win, of the many games in casinos, many people love slot machine games. Even countries like Australia, Canada, and England, the majority of the population prefer slot machine games. According to those who prefer this game, they think that slot machine games bring more chances of winning than other casino games and after all this game is not difficult to play because of the computer system. And we also know that because it has been favored, the casino has created various types of slot machines to play such as progressive slot machines, jackpot slot machines, wild slot machines and so on, but like any type of slot machine in a casino, rest assured that slot machines are designed to give you a chance to win. But what happens if you outsmart the slot machine game system to double your profits?

Maybe your fate will end behind bars or maybe you will be famous in the Black Book Las Vegas for your action? Haha .. But the way people trick this slot machine really has a story and it’s a shame that one’s intelligence is given by the Creator to be useful in the future, this is actually the opposite. But whatever way they will do to the slot machines below are all aimed at the same goal, which is to multiply the winning money as much as possible. Here are the 8 ways to outsmart the On The Spot version of the slot machine, uhh I mean my version broh: D. Check it immediately

1. Yo-Yo

This one method is the great grandfather of all the slot machine tricks in the world. This method is simple, namely by tying a rope to the coin and then placing it in the slot machine until the payout comes out. After successful, the perpetrator will pull out the coin and do it again continuously. Generally, the Yo-Yo method will be carried out by the perpetrator until they catch the jackpot or maybe until they are caught by the Agen Judi Casino?

One example can be seen in the video of Donald Duck telling his three naughty nephews to save money. (2:05 minutes).

2. Coin shedding

As technology advances, slot machine manufacturers are turning to optical verification sensors to prevent fraud. This mechanism uses a beam of light to register payments by inserting coins. Ironically, this technology is used by the perpetrators to do tricks that are very similar to the Yo-Yo trick. The first culprit slightly shrinks the edge of the coin by shaving it and then inserting the coin into the machine, the slot machine’s optical sensor will register as a normal coin. But once it comes to the comparator of the machine tool parts mechanism that measures the size and weight of the coin, the coin will be kicked out because it doesn’t match the real coin.

3. Fake coins

A better way than coin reduction is to use fake coins. The most famous perpetrator here is Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio who is supported by sophisticated machines, he can forge these metal coins. What’s more, these fake coins slip through the coin-checking holes of Connecticut and New Jersey casino slot machines.

4. The Top-Bottom Tool is a clever little tool used in the 70s and 80s to outsmart slot machines. This tool consists of two parts, namely “Bottom” which is a guitar string or wire, and “Top” which is a metal rod with bent ends. This tool is used to jam the coin container in the slot machine, forcing the slot machine to vomit up the coins inside. 5. Monkey Paw

Tommy Glenn Carmichael is the best slot machine player in joker123 history, he was the one who created the Top-Bottom and Monkey Paw tools to carry out the action. He had been behind bars for 5 years when he was caught using the Top-Bottom tool. When he was released, apparently the casino changed the system of slot machines to avoid the Top-Bottom method. Tommy did not just stand still, he racked his brain and succeeded in making a Monkey Paw tool for 6 months which was proven to be more effective than before. This tool basically uses guitar strings tied to bent metal bars. This tool will be inserted into the slot machine’s air vent and then it will attach to the switch button of the coin holder in the machine. And HOPP !!! Cring Cring Cring !!

Bill Validator Device

At first glance this small tool is very similar to real money, even though this is nothing but a device that has been tricked by the perpetrator to put it in a slot machine. When the perpetrator inserts this device into the slot machine, the machine will check and then give a credit equal to the value of the device entered.

Cheat Code

The perpetrator, Ronald Dale Harriss, who also serves as a software engineer for the Nevada Gaming Commission, is in charge of programming computer chips in slot machines. With this skill, he instead used it for an unacceptable incident, in which he outsmarted the slot machine with a code program that only he knew. The code was arranged by Ronald very brilliantly and neatly because Ronald managed to enter the code combination into the machine and if he entered this code, the slot machine will automatically issue coins until they run out. Soon, Ronald’s actions were caught by the casino and finally he was caught at the Atlantic City casino while playing agen joker123. It is known that Ronald could get a profit of about US $ 500,000 from this action.

8. Replacing Computerized Chips in Slot Machines

The actor Dennis Nikrasch is the best player daftar joker123 in the matter of replacing chips in slot machines. He once said before the police for this action, “The Jackpot slot on the slot machine is placed in the machine to be given to the players, but the casino actually hopes that this doesn’t happen. But unfortunately Dennis made it happen, “he said with a smile. According to sources circulating, Dennis’s actions have made 3 casinos experience a total loss of more than US $ 5 million. The action is done by buying slot machine keys that he gets on the black market and then going to a casino. When the casino situation was rather quiet, he opened the slot machine, replaced the chip and put it back in (this action was done in less than 3 minutes) then he returned to playing as if nothing had happened then finally he put on a convincing expression, expression. that he’s the lucky guy to win the jackpot. For chips, he admits getting it from buying a computerized slot machine and electrical devices in front of his house and then manipulating the chip in such a way.

So many articles from me this time. My advice for readers is to situs joker123 honestly so you won’t get bad things happening in your life, such as the example of the perpetrator’s actions above which ended in the security room and the police. If you want to play honestly but cannot play because in Indonesia it is illegal, you may try to play online at a trusted sbobet agent in Indonesia at this time 2016. Of course you need to remember also don’t get caught by the authorities that you are playing online , Why? because the act violates the law.

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