How to Play the Hallowen Fortune Slot Game

How to Play the Hallowen Fortune Slot Game

October is a month when there will be a lot of horrors happening. Moon Octo is synonymous with ghosts, especially in European countries. There are many stories and myths that have developed in the outside community about this month so that a date is made to commemorate a day called Halloween.

The very strong popularity of Halloween has made PlayTech, which is a world-class online gambling game manufacturer, adopt this theme as one of its game themes. Agent Betting The joker slot online made using the theme of this gambling is a slot game called the Halloween Fortune Slot. This game is worked on seriously so that it presents detailed, attractive and satisfying graphics.

The Hallowen Fortune slot via pulsa has a dark and tense atmosphere. The background of this game has a dark blue base color with an image of an atmosphere of an old house in the middle of a scary dry forest.

Next to the surface of the image, you will see a game screen dominated by a slot machine image that has 5 reels. Each reel has a base in dark blue leading to black in a transparent style. Best and Most Trusted Indonesian Gambling,

Between the engine reels, you will find a Halloween themed image which is depicted in a very interesting, very detailed way and uses a 3-dimensional impression so that it is as if each game has a real Master Agen Sbobet  of a certain object.


This Halloween Fortune Slot game has a 5×3 slot machine. Even though most of the screen is filled with machine displays, there are still parts that are used for other game functionality. Like on the right and also on the left of the slot machine, you can get a picture of a square that has random numbers. Casino Slot, This number is the number used to determine the payline of the permainan slot. Halloween Fortune Slot has a total of 20 paylines that can be won.

At the bottom of the slot machine, you can see a display in the form of the game’s settings button. To start the game you need to determine in advance the number of paylines that you will use, Ball Agent to determine the amount of payline you can reduce and add it using the + and – buttons which are made to resemble leaves. After that, make sure the bet amount you will use is what you want by checking it next to the payline amount usage settings.

This bet setting can be done by pressing the + and also – buttons which are made as if from stone. After you set it, check whether the total bet or bet you are using is what you want. If you want to bet with a maximum value, you can easily do it by pressing the maximum bet button which is illustrated with a small barrel image. Online Poker Sites

After that you can choose to play by auto play or by manual playback. If you manage to win some money because of that payline , Agent Betting, you can also take the opportunity to double your winnings by pressing the gable button.

This Halloween Fortune Slot game is not like most Playtech games that use standard playing cards to win the game, Online Poker Sites in this Halloween Fortune Slot game you will only find cards according to the Halloween theme such as black cats, black crows, skulls with candles. and much more .

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