How to Withdraw Pkv Games Funds

How to Withdraw Pkv Games Funds

Still about the transactions on the pkv games site. Previously, I discussed how to deposit funds or deposit pkv games . So in this review I discuss how to withdraw funds or withdraw pkv games. In real money online poker games, there is a deposit of funds (deposit) of course there is a withdrawal of funds (withdraw). And how to withdraw funds at poker v games agents can be done easily and is not complicated.

To withdraw tx poker games withdrawals on an online poker site, you must first register. If you have finished registering, please make a deposit or deposit on the v poker agent site of your choice.

If your funds have been processed, then your account / user ID already contains a chip with the amount that you deposited. Suppose you deposit IDR 50,000, then your account contains a chip of IDR 50,000 as well. On the pkv games site, if you make a deposit, the incoming chip according to what you deposited is not deducted at all. Furthermore, if you win and want to withdraw funds, you must fill out the Withdrawal Funds form. The minimum withdrawal of funds at the online agen tx poker game poker site varies. However, in general, the maximum amount of each withdrawal of funds is IDR 50,000, so the nominal you must enter is 50000.


The first thing to do is fill out the withdrawal form by logging into your account. NB: If using a Mobile (HP) log in via a browser.

Then there will be a display of several menus as shown above, one of which is the Withdraw Funds menu, then click the withdraw funds Situs Judi Online Slot.

After clicking the withdraw funds menu, a form will appear as shown above, enter the nominal to be withdrawn from your account.

Please note that the minimum withdrawal of funds at daftar tx poker Games varies, but for Idrpoker it is IDR 50,000. Don’t use period punctuation. comma, etc. To fill out the withdrawal form, simply write down 50000 or 100000 or 200000 and so on.

Then enter your login password correctly. NB: the password for the pkv games site)

The last step is to click OK.


If during withdrawal you experience a problem like the picture above, namely Your are currently logged into e-Games, balance transfer id not allowed . This information tells you that you are still in the game, so you cannot withdraw funds. But you don’t need to worry, you just have to log into your account, then enter one of the games. Sit for a while then click Stand then Lobby , like the example below:

After that, log back into the withdraw funds menu, enter the nominal amount to be withdrawn. Withdrawing funds on Idrpoker only takes about 5-10 minutes, wait a few moments until your form disappears. So that means your funds have been processed and immediately entered your account. On the pkv games poker site, they usually impose a daily withdrawal limit limit, which is 5 times in 1 day. If you have problems like this, then the way is to ask the operator or CS online poker agent. Later the cs poker agent will help you make the 6th withdrawal and so on. NB: the limit for withdrawing funds is only one day, so if it is past 12 at night, then you can withdraw funds as usual.

That ‘s the correct way to withdraw Pkv Games funds . For those of you who are still experiencing other problems apart from what the admin mentioned above, you can contact the cs poker agent to get more information. So many admin reviews, hopefully this article can be useful in helping your problems when you can’t Withdraw Pkv Games.


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