Online Poker Guide Rules, Arrangements, and Winning Secrets

Online Poker Guide Rules, Arrangements, and Winning Secrets

Online Poker Guide – Online Poker is a gamble that is played using 1 set of playing cards, a special table, and poker chips. At a game table, there will always be 1 dealer and at least 2 players so that poker can be played.

Poker is a match between players against players, where the winner is determined from the highest order of poker card combinations based on international regulations and we will explain below later.

Especially in this article, we will explain the complete online poker guide and of course you can make it a guideline for playing poker properly and correctly.

In the game 1gaming of poker there are several stages which are referred to as The Blinds, Pre-Flop, The Flop, The Turn, and The Showdown. What do these terms mean? the following explanation.

Online Poker Gambling Game Stages and Rules

The Blinds

In agen 1gaming games, players will be given a button or button ‘D’ or “The Dealer Button” alternately clockwise. The player who gets the ‘D’ button will pair the Small Blind.

The number of Small Blind pairs is half that of the Big Blind. It depends on the selected table options, for example 200/400, 600/1200, 800/1600. After that, the betting process will proceed to the Big Blind stage.


After the players get 2 cards each, it is time for the players to determine the steps to be taken according to their respective cards and instincts, namely to ‘call’, ‘raise’ or ‘fold’ before the first wave of cards on the table opens.


Then, after the Pre-Flop stage is Situs Judi Slot Online, the first 3 batch cards will be dealt by the Dealer. At this stage, players other than button D holders will get their turn to play, which is to make existing choices such as in the Pre-Flop stage, only one option is added, namely ‘Check’ where the player does not want to add bets and wants to wait until the next wave of cards is dealt. .

The Turn

The stage where the fourth card is opened on the table daftar 1gaming, and the betting process will run the same as the The Flop stage where the player after holding the button D will make a bet first.

The River

The fifth card is opened by the Dealer on the table, and the stage will run the same as we previously explained. At this stage, usually the players will start competing with the right poker strategy to outwit opponents or with the aim of getting more profit because they are holding the best hand.

The Showdown

Stage to open cards from each player. The first player to open a card is the player who last turns on the River stage. unless no one places a bet on The River stage (only ‘Checks’), then players other than Button D holders are required to open the card first.

Then, after we know the general stages of the game of poker, then of course we will learn about the levels of poker hand starting from lowest to highest.


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