Review of the 1989 God of Gambler film

Review of the 1989 God of Gambler Film – With the theme of the 80s gambling game, the God of Gambler film is packed with nuances of comedian drama action which makes this film very exciting to watch. This film has the main role of being a great gambling player who had lost his memory until finally getting his strength as a great player, he is Chow Yun Fat who is described as a person who has just lost his memory and always behaves like a child, he also really likes chocolate. Besides that, there is also Andy Lau who also takes part in this film, as usual he always looks cool and is able to play nicely.

  • Story Grid

The greatness of Chow is also known to many people, he is known as a reliable player in counting cards and hearing the sound of the dice roll very well, he was also given the nickname as the god of gamblers. Challenges to play came, one of which came from an accomplished gambler from Japan who also invited him to play against gangsters and a great gambler named Chan. link alternatif depobos But unfortunately he had to have a bitter experience here, at that time Chow got a hit to the head which made him lose his memory.

Chow’s days are spent with Knife, played by Andy Lau, Knife always trying to be able to restore Chow’s memory and bandar slot terbesar  his friend’s great ability in gambling. Even though he had been the target of big criminals, in the end Chow could still get away from it all and save his life by returning to become Master of Gamblers.

The journey from Chow to becoming a master of gamblers was not easy. There are many things he has to go through, from experiencing amnesia to intrigue and all kinds of conspiracies that want to stop him from becoming a god of gamblers. However, he could do all of this well until finally he officially became the god of gambling who was the best gambling player of his time.

  • Concept as well as Excellent Image Capture

Like the Hong Kong films of its era, of course the thing that makes this God of Gamblers film can become a cult classic is because of its brilliant concept and shooting. In this film we can see the atmosphere of a city that is truly sparkling, but full of mysterious and dangerous things. what’s interesting is that when there is a comedy scene, it can still be well integrated with the drama given. Really makes this film a very balanced portion for fans of drama, action and even comedy.

  • Many Moral Messages

There are many valuable lessons that can be taken from this film, from Knife’s patience in helping Chow during his worst time, to the persistence of a gambling master who can come back to his feet with difficult conditions at that time. The character of the main character who is always ridiculous with spices of action and humor has made this film even more interesting to watch at any time.

In the end, the original God of Gamblers, played by Chow Yun Fat, is one classic film that really has a lot of fans. This film was also what led Chow Yun Fat to become one of the most popular Hong Kong actors and was even glimpsed by Hollywood studios. God of Gamblers is a film that is very appropriate for friends to watch no matter when you watch it.

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