The Origin of Domino Games and the Pros and Cons of History of Dominoes

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The Origin of Domino Games and the Pros and Cons of History of Dominoes

The origin of Dominoes was first discovered in China, approximately 1120 AD at that time. History records that there is evidence poker duit asli of domino-like pieces in the warrior hero room named Hung Ming from 181 – 234 AD. Another history also records that who discovered Domino is Keung T’ai Kung in the 12th century AD. Meanwhile, an investigator who has examined the objects of historians said the discoverer of Domino was created by a statesman in 1120 AD named Yang Chu Sz Ubi. Surely this makes a lot of pros and cons, because there is still no definite and relevant information about the inventor and creator of the domino 99 game.

However, historical records make more information and history from Yang Chu Sz Ubi. At that time, Yang Chu Sz Ubi gave a piece of card that was similar to domino 99. He gave that piece of card as an offering to the Emperor at that time named Hui Tsung. Since then, Emperor Hui Tsung made these pieces of cards situs poker idn terbaik  spread widely among his inhabitants. Not only during the reign of the Emperor, the Crown Prince of Emperor Hui Tsung named Kao Tsung also took part in spreading the game of Domino. Another source also mentions that the historian’s document from China refers to the standardization of playing dominoes only, not from the discovery of these dominoes.

Historical Debates and the Origins of Dominoes

Because many historians have polemicized the history of domino 99, therefore debates by figures and scientists have made a heated debate. A historian named Michael Dummett, had time to write a short article about the history of the Domino 99 game that circulated throughout Europe. In the 18th century, Italy, Vensesia and Naples were the European regions that most often played dominoes at that time. Many historians situs online judi terpercaya argue where domino 99 came from. Although it has been confirmed that the domino cards themselves originate from China because they have been circulating and played first in the Chinese area.

The debate about domino cards is because even though dominoes come from China, does the card maker used to play in the European region come from Europe too? Or did domino 99 come from China to Europe in the 14th century? Or independently created?

If we ask the history and origin of the domino game, there will be so many different versions that we find. But we know for sure the source who first played domino 99, namely from China. Therefore, various types and versions that already exist, have agreed that the first domino was born and known in China.

Domino itself refers to small boxes that we can arrange and drop at the same time. Domino cards in the past were often played for arrangement. Currently, in modern times and online dominoes have circulated, the function of dominoes itself has changed its function. All ages and various groups can enjoy playing domino 99 which has now evolved into a more modern one.


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